Our favourite things to do on Moreton Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: August 15, 2023

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Fruzsi is the Marketing Lead at Sightseeing Tours Australia, and she spent the past 11 years living in the beautiful Sunshine State. As a result, she is a self-proclaimed authority on all things Southeast Queensland, and she’s here to share her favourite things to do on the little slice of paradise that is Moreton Island – or as it’s known to the Ngugi people, Mulgumpin or Moorgumpin (The Place of Sandhills).

Moreton Island is the world’s third-largest sand island an hour’s ferry ride from Brisbane, known for its pristine beaches, coastal sand dunes, and magnificent shipwrecks. Whether you’re planning on camping or staying at Tangalooma Island Resort, this island is a true adventurer’s dream.

Things to do on Moreton Island

From crystal clear waters and unique sand dunes to dense rainforests, the island’s natural makeup is already reason enough to visit. However, it’s more than just a pretty face – full of activities for adventurers of every age, Moreton Island is guaranteed to show you a good time. Below are some of Fruzsi’s favourite things to do on the island.

Explore the island on four wheels

Moreton Island is 4WD heaven. With no roads to speak of, you’ll get confident driving on sand in no time at all – which is just as well, as the island is best explored on four wheels. From bushland, lagoons, and pure sandy shores, Moreton Island is a treasure trove for nature seekers.

Fruzsi’s favourite spot to explore is Blue Lagoon, a sand-bottomed lake in the middle of the island.

“It’s the perfect place to cool off, and the journey there is just as picturesque.”

It’s important to know that a vehicle access permit needs to be purchased and displayed on your vehicle’s windscreen. Additionally, there is no petrol station on Moreton Island. To fuel your vehicle, you will need to bring over your own petrol, or you can buy it at Bulwer General Store in 20L drums only.

Blue Lagoon

Go snorkelling around the shipwrecks

The Tangalooma Wrecks is a cluster of ships purposefully sunk along the coast of Moreton Island. As corals have started to grow on the wrecks, it has become a great spot to snorkel.

“I have snorkelled at some pretty spectacular locations – including the Great Barrier Reef – and I still think Moreton Island has the best snorkelling! On a clear day, you can see the most magnificent colours and tropical fish in truly crystalline water. Plus, the shipwrecks make for great exploring too.”

The best way to get to the shipwrecks is on some form of watercraft. Whether you’re on a boat tour, on your own jet ski, or in a hired kayak, just drop into the water and enjoy this magical underwater world. If you’re a confident swimmer, you can even swim out from the beach – however, bear in mind that it’s an unpatrolled beach and strong currents can occur between the wrecks and the shore.

Moreton Island Shipwrecksn

Feed the dolphins at the pier

Did you know that you can hand-feed the wild bottlenose dolphins that visit the shores each evening? There is a large family of playful dolphins that visit regularly, each with its own distinctive and unique personality.

“The one thing I knew I wanted to do on Moreton Island was to feed the dolphins. I’ve seen dolphins up close at water parks before, but I’ve always wanted to have an encounter with wild dolphins. This experience is truly one of a kind – made even more special by the knowledgeable staff who told us stories about each individual dolphin.”

Unfortunately, dolphin feeding is only permitted for guests of Tangalooma Island Resort and select day cruises. Make sure you check with your tour company whether it’s included in your tour or not.

Dolphin feeding at Tangalooma

Where to eat on Moreton Island

Moreton Island has a range of cafes and restaurants, most of them located at Tangalooma Island Resort. However, there are a couple of other options both north and south of Tangalooma, as well as BBQ facilities at most campgrounds.

Stone: Vietnamese cuisine

Fire & Stone is an Asian fusion restaurant part of Tangalooma Island Resort, offering guests the opportunity to try different cuisines in one spot. Stone is the southern wing of the restaurant, providing an exclusively Vietnamese menu – and some truly delicious food!

“If you go, you must try the Vietnamese Style Beef Brisket Noodles – it was incredible!”

The Gutter Bar & Restaurant

The Gutter Bar & Restaurant is located on the southern tip of the island, and it offers delectable fresh seafood options, sourced directly from local trawlers and growers. Their menu also features true Aussie favourites, and they even play sporting events live on the big screen. It’s the perfect spot to fuel up on a hearty meal before continuing the camping lifestyle.

Bring your own meals!

The island is a true natural paradise – it’d be a shame to have every meal inside! If you’re there for multiple days, make sure you pack some food to have at one of the many breathtaking locations throughout the island. Most camping sites have BBQs or grills to use, but of course, you can also bring bits and pieces for a nice picnic. Nothing can top a Moreton Island sunset paired with delicious food, so the beach is always a safe (and scenic) bet.

“Some of my favourite meals on Moreton Island were picnics by the beach. And seeing the sun set over the ocean is a treat in itself!”

While the island has three small convenience stores, we recommend stocking up on ingredients before leaving the mainland – you’ll save yourself a lot of money, not to mention the limited options at these stores.

Hidden gems on Moreton Island

While it’s quite a small island, there are a lot of things to do, see, and explore on Moreton Island. Here are some of our favourite gems throughout its sandy dunes.

Honeymoon Bay

This small crescent-shaped bay is the perfect spot to unpack a picnic, put on your swimmers, and spend a whole day relaxing.

Five Hills Lookout

If you’re the active type of holidayer, you need to check out Five Hills Lookout. An easy one-kilometre walk from Cape Moreton, this viewpoint is well worth a visit. You’ll be treated to 360-degree views of the island, and you’ll even get to see Queensland’s first-ever lighthouse in the distance.

Champagne Pools

Ever wanted to bathe in sparkling wine? Well, this is as close as it gets – the beautiful Champagne Pools got their name due to the sparkling effect created as the waves crash over the blend of volcanic rock and sandstone.


The eastern side of Moreton Island meets the full force of the Pacific Ocean, making it a worthy location for a spot of surfing. Strap a surfboard to your 4WD and head east to catch a wave off one of the beaches.

Cowan Cowan

Explore a slice of war history and check out what remains of the concrete bunkers, shelters, and gun batteries that were used during both World Wars. You might not have known this, but at its peak, 900 troops called the island home.

Moreton Island is a true tropical paradise, and with so much to do and see, you can easily spend a week here – alternating between beach days and island explorations. Or, if you’d rather let someone else do the planning, check out these amazing day tours!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
Managing Director at Sightseeing Tours Australia

Cameron Ward turned his travel passion into a thriving Australian tourism business. Before he co-founded his own business, Sightseeing Tours Australia, he was enjoying being a Melbourne tour guide. Even now, Cameron delights in helping visitors from all around the world get the most out of their incredible Australian trip. You’ll see Cameron leading tours or writing about his favourite Australian places where he shares his local insights.