Does Brisbane have 4 seasons?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: March 4, 2021

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Brisbane is thought to have a never-ending supply of sunshine year-round, but sadly, this isn’t always the case.

Like any destination, Brisbane has its ups and downs weather-wise, so knowing the best times to travel for immaculate weather can turn your holiday into an unforgettable adventure!

The Seasons of Brisbane

Despite it being on the cusp of the tropical wet-dry seasonal region of Australia, Brisbane has the regular four seasons every year. Summer begins in December until February, and averages in temperatures from 21 to 30 degrees. This time typically brings high humidity and waves of thunderstorms, with the occasional floods about the region. From March until May, Autumn appears, with the temperatures dropping to 15 t0 25 degrees, with the humidity and rainfall dropping substantially.

Winter comes during the months of June to August, from temperatures as low as 11 and as high as 21. From September until November is the time of Spring, with temperatures averaging between 1 to 21 degrees. As you can see, even with the cooler months, Brisbane is mostly on the warmer side. With sunshine appearing throughout the year if they are lucky!

The Best time to travel to Brisbane

If you aren’t a fan of hot and humid weather, the months of December, January and February are undoubtedly the least likely to please you. The scorching hot days and blistering steamy air making for an uncomfortable environment when you trek through the city and natural wonders are hidden about! Autumn is typically seen as the best weather period, with the heat still lingering around, but without any of the thunderstorms or humidity. Making for a truly unforgettable stay in Brisbane!

What you can enjoy in Brisbane

  • South Bank

    South Bank, Brisbane

    One of the best spots in Brisbane is the riverside’s South Bank. Jam-packed with stylish restaurants, trendy bars, and endless pop-up events and festivals, it truly has something for every kind of traveller. Great for either a day adventure or a night of fun! Visitors can choose to come here during the day to enjoy the 17 hectares of parkland, grabbing some takeaway coffee and lunch to enjoy in the soft grass while enjoying the immaculate river views. Others opt to stroll along the riverside boardwalk after enjoying a full day of city sightseeing, browsing the restaurants and bars to pick from before setting up on one of the many outdoor dining spots for a sunset view to ending the day.

  • Gondwana Rainforest

    It is truly one of the greatest spots to visit when travelling about Brisbane! Being over 180 million years old, the Gondwana Rainforest is not your typical rainforest attraction. Home to ancient plant life and rare animals unsee anywhere else in the world. Scattered about the lush greenery is a number of impressive waterfalls and watering holes, with many staying all day hopping from one swimming spot to the next!

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