Gondwana Rainforest

An ancient rainforest home to an endless amount of extraordinary attractions and activities!

The Gondwana Rainforest is seen as one of Australia’s most incredible rainforests. Regarded as the largest subtropical rainforest in Australia, it is teeming with unique wildlife and natural wonders. Sprawling more than 360,000 hectares, it is a protected area listed as a world heritage area. But with so much space to venture into, where does one start?

About the Gondwana Rainforest

The Gondwana Rainforest is the largest is known to have remanets of rainforests that dwelled in the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana. A living snapshot of history, this place is crawling with ancient plants and primitive animals. Approximately 370, 000 hectares in size, containing around 40 detached sections between Brisbane and Newcastle. Only a short drive from the hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast, get-up-and-go to this natural paradise. Submerge into the area by car, cruising down the driving route. Stopping off to voyage through the lush greenery along the walking tracks. Or stay the night amidst the bird calls and ancient ferns at Gondwana Rainforest’s Accommodations.

What to do there

  • Trek along the Walking Tracks

    The best way to explore this spectacular rainforest is via the walking tracks land about. The paths weave through the thick bushland, letting you come face to face with the unique plant life and native animals laid about. The paths range in fitness levels, with some hour-long journeys, to others which take days! Stroll down Crystal Shower Falls walk to see the impressive waterfall in the rocky cavern, or head down Lyrebird walking track for a day bird watching in the bush!

  • Stay a night within the Rainforest

    You will only see half of what this rainforest has to offer if you merely visit during the day! With the sunset bringing on an entirely new eco-system of life! Set up camp at one of the many camping grounds or book a room at the national park getaway cabins or historic homesteads. Letting you see the bright stars of the region as you trek through to marvel at the nocturnal bats, birds, and mammals roaming about!

  • Swim in the Waterfalls

    Scattered about the lush greenery of Gondwana is a maze of creeks and rivers, all with the occasional waterfall tumbling over the clifftops and mountain edges. Hike the region and discover some of the greatest waterfalls hidden within, all with their own unique eco-system of flora and fauna. Noteworthy spots include the Queen Mary Falls, which is a 40-minute walk from the top of the falls to the creek below. Others include Purling Brook Falls, which is one of the most picturesque waterfalls on the mountain, best seen right after rainfall for its impressive thunder of water that cascades over.

  • See the Unique Wildlife

    Nestled deep within this World Heritage Listed area is a multitude of wildlife. From colourful birds to unique marsupials, there is truly no shortage of native animals! See these incredible animals via walking tracks, guided tours, or even nocturnal walks. For a truly exceptional you can visit the arched caves of the national park and see these dark and dreary caves light up with the ceilings sprinkled with blue lights, similar to stars in the sky. These are in fact native animals of the region, known to most as the popular Glow Worms.

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