Things to do in Sunshine Coast when it’s raining

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: January 15, 2019

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Don’t let the weather stop you from having an unforgettable time on the Sunshine Coast!

People visit this tropical wonderland for the sun, sand, and sea, but mother nature might have other plans. For the unlucky ones who travel to Sunshine Coast during the rare times it rains, a lot of activities may be cancelled. But have no fear, for here is our list of the best activities you can still do even when it’s bucketing.

  • Hinterland

    Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the natural wonders. Drive along the scenic road up to the Hinterland and enjoy the spectacular views from the comfort of the hilltop café. Here you can cuddle up with a hot coffee as you stare out the large windows, marvelling at spraying rain showering over the incredible mountain ranges.

  • Sunshine Plaza

    The perfect rainy-day activity is always shopping! Empty your wallets and fill up your bags as you head throughout Sunshine’s Plaza, stopping in to see the assortment of shops for everything you could ever need. Whether it be a fancy new outfit for your holiday, a couple of souvenirs for your loved ones, or a unique item you would never find back home.

  • Sea Life

    At sea life, you will already get wet, so why not visit when it’s raining? With wet and wild rides and animals shows, you’ll barely be able to tell if the water dripping off you is rain or simply from the ride! Go indoors to dry off and visit the aquarium to see the seals, dolphins, seahorses, and sharks, learning about each animals’ lives as you marvel at their unique look.

  • Ginger Factory

    The world’s largest operating ginger factory, the place is chock-full with theme park rides, excellent food goodies, and family appeal. Promising an exceptional experience where you can learn all about ginger production against a beautiful backdrop of lush tropical gardens. Try out the many types of ginger products, including delicious drinks, spreads or sweets.

  • Sunshine Castle

    Step back in time when you visit Sunshine Coast’s castle, known locally as Bli Bli. Once an actual castle, this building is now a full-time medieval museum where you can discover the history of both the castle and the land it is built on. Enjoy the incredible decoration and learn about this castle’s fascinating history as you wander from room to room.

  • Sunshine Coast Brewery

    No matter what the weather is, beer is always a good idea. Kick back and relax away from the pouring rain as you enjoy one of Sunshine Coast’s locally brewed beers. This brewery is one of the most visited spots around, by both locals and tourists alike. Winning multiple gold medals at The Australian International Beer Awards, as well as being crowned champion at the National Festival of Beers, there is no greater brewery to visit. Here you can learn about the brewing process while you tuck into a hearty meal that compliments your drink perfectly.

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