Where to eat and drink in Brisbane

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: February 16, 2019

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Too many food and drink spots, not enough time. Cut the fat with our guide to the best ones Brisbane has to offer!

There is nothing worse than enjoying a fabulous day sightseeing only to order a truly disappointing meal at the end of the day. Refuelling is necessary when exploring a new destination, with endless walking, long drives, and stressful planning causing your fatigue to grow rapidly. Thus, making sure you receive the best food Brisbane can offer during your holiday can turn a good holiday into a truly fantastic one.

  • For a Coffee Hit

    If you can’t handle a day without your espresso, head to one of the best coffee shops in the city. Fall in love with Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters at first sip. With their own specially brewed coffee, your taste buds can explore a new coffee type while you explore the city. With a delicious breakfast menu that compliments the coffee beautifully, enjoy either a sweet or savoury start to the day.

  • Lunches with a View

    Soaking up the sun rays as you enjoy your delicious meal. There is an endless number of restaurants that are lined alongside Brisbane river, promising epic riverside views from rooftops, balcony’s, or pier spots. Our number one pick is Otto, home to a stylish rooftop with 360 views containing the Brisbane River, Story Bridge and Customs House. Sit back and relax as this sophisticated restaurant lets you enjoy exceptional service, sights, and sustenance all at once.

  • Dinner Dining

    Brisbane is known for its great dining scene, with both locals and tourists flocking to the cream of the crop located within the city centre. One of the best dining experiences is Gauge, a café/restaurant nestled opposite the Queensland Museum. Winning the title of ‘Best restaurant in Brisbane’ in 2018, the place promises an unforgettable experience. The menu is ever-changing, with delicious Australian wine pairings to go with them.

  • For a Sweet Treat

    Some of the most popular bars in Brissy are their Dessert Bars, with the sweet tooths never having it as good as Brisbane advent of dessert shops. From cafes dedicated sweet treats to go with their coffee, dessert lounges offering high-class ice-cream and cakes, to on the go donut shops giving you an extreme array of flavours. For a quirky pancake and waffle shop, head to the delicious Rofl Wafl for a picturesque treat you that’ll be perfect for both your appetite and your Instagram feed! Otherwise, the Gateaux Café & Dessert is a euro chic patisserie and bar that offers you a delicious range of homemade gelati, pastries, and cakes to choose from.

  • After Dusk

    After a full day of sightseeing, visit one more historic site and pop into the city’s heritage-listed bar. Located within a heritage-listed building, the Gresham has some of the highest quality spirits and wine. Talk to the skilled staff and pick from the extensive and creative collection of cocktails on offer. If you prefer a view, head to the Eleven Rooftop Bar. Situated on the 11th floor, its modern and chic style matches perfectly with the dark night and sparkling city lights.

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Cameron Ward
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