Is Brisbane expensive?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: February 7, 2020

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Thinking about heading to Brisbane for your next holiday? Find out how much it’ll cost you!

Australia has a whole is an expensive place, with many travellers shocked when they get to the country. Brisbane is no difference, and leave many unorganised tourists quickly running over their budget due to the cost of things. However, if your aware of the higher cost, and planned accordingly, your adventure to Brisbane can cost you no different than a normal holiday!


The type of accommodation you choose will completely effect if your vacation is a typical or pricier one. The common phrased used is ‘the cheaper the accommodation, the worse it is’ and the majority of the time, this reins true. Hostels with share rooms and bathrooms are great for youths who are looking for a budget-conscious place to stay, with the bonus of being a lively party environment. However, if you aren’t willing to sacrifice the comforts of privacy or additional luxuries, you might have to opt for the alternative options of Airbnb and Hotels. These can vary in price, depending on the location, the privacy, the facilities, as well as the reputation of the accommodation. Undoubtedly, the flashiest hotels and the Airbnbs closest to the beach and city centre are the most expensive. So simply sift through the options and find the perfect place that won’t cost you an arm and a leg (unless you prefer that.)

Food and Drinks

Food typically cost around twenty dollars per meal but can skyrocket up to forty or plummet to ten dollars. The cost depends entirely on the type of restaurant, with takeaway shops on average cheaper and classy restaurants expensive. Drinks typically cost around eight to ten dollars a drink, but happy hours and hostel offer even cheaper options for your afternoon or night adventures!

Free things to do in Brisbane

Most of the time, costly adventures are usually the most memorable. However, Brisbane is home to a number of great activities that don’t cost you a dime. All you have to do is balance both costly activities with the free ones to help your Brisbane budget stay on track. Here are a couple of free activities that are sure to satisfy you despite their low cost.

  • Hit the Beaches

    Visiting the beaches of this region is never a bad idea! There is a number to choose from, either right nearby the city centre, or others scattered about the nearby coast. The Gold Coast, which is renowned for its picture-perfect surf spots, is a mere thirty minutes away. Otherwise, secluded spots lie an hour away, with a short trek through the rainforest to reach the soft sands. There are even nearby islands you can visit for a day exploring the insanely beautiful scenery of bush and beach.

  • See the view from Mt Coot-tha

    Trek up to the very top of the nearby mountain of Mount Coot-tha and see some of the best views around. You can choose to hike up, bike up, or simply drive up the weaving mountain route, and marvel at the expansive viewpoint the top of this peak offers. Featuring the lush greenery of the surrounding bushland, the city line of Brisbane, as well as the ocean beyond.

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Cameron Ward
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