What is the greater Brisbane area?

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Published: March 13, 2019

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Brisbane is so expansive that it is the largest capital city in Australia based on geographic area!

Brisbane is a city with dazzling bright lights, with fantastic restaurants and gorgeous scenery. Meanwhile, its outer region is bursting with endless, lush greenery and wildlife. 

You may have heard the phrase “the greater Brisbane area”, but what does this actually mean?

What makes up the greater Brisbane area?

Brisbane is located within the south-east corner of Queensland. The greater Brisbane region refers to the entire coastal plain, making up about 15,842 square kilometres of land.

This area is made up of five different urban centres, including Brisbane City, Ipswich, Logan City, Moreton Bay and Redland City.

What is the population in Brisbane?

The population of Greater Brisbane is around 2.5 million citizens, making it the third most populated city in Australia. The city continues to steadily grow by 1.25% each year. This means that the population will be just under 3 million by the year 2035.

What can you see around Brisbane?

Even though the land is vast, most of the top destinations are either within the city centre or in the outer regions.


When staying in the city region, there is no greater way to marvel at the dazzling city scenery than from above. The Brisbane Wheel offers 360 views of the city along with food and refreshments. You can sip on a delicious sparkling beverage while you marvel at the city’s skyline!

Visit the restaurants of the city at South Bank, located next door to Brisbane river. Here, the streets are  lined with fabulous restaurants, bars and shops. There are also many events that take place here throughout the year, which guarantees you to enjoy your night out.

Moreton Bay

Head to the Moreton Bay area and visit the island that sits just off the coast. The bay separates the greater Brisbane area from the amazing Moreton Island. The island used to be part of the greater Brisbane area but is now its own island.

Moreton Bay is great for activities on the water. From fishing to kayaking and boat cruises there is plenty to do. There are also museums, restaurants and shops dotted throughout the area. If you’re an avid beach goer, you can spend a day on the pristine sands and keep an eye out for dolphins or other cute wildlife!

Redland City

Redland City pier 

Redland City is a charming town in the greater Brisbane area and sits nestled along the coast. One of the top attractions that makes up Redland City is the incredible North Stradbroke Island. This island is famous for its beaches, mangrove forests and wildlife.

If you want to visit the island, join this North Stradbroke Island day tour! You’ll get to spend an entire day uncovering the highlights of this magnificent island. Spot kangaroos, koalas, sea turtles and dolphins. Take a hike to a panoramic lookout spot called Point Lookout. Then visit the charming fishing village of Amity before swimming at Cylinder Beach. The tour will end as you learn about the island’s history.


Ipswich is an area full of rich culture and scenic walking trails. The town dates back to the 1800s and has a long, fascinating history. From being established as a major port to becoming a railway hub, Ipswich played an important role in Brisbane’s history. As you stroll through the city, you’ll notice historic buildings and museums dotting the streets.

If you want to spend the day in nature, there are plenty of walking trails to check out. There is a 1.2 kilometre loop located along the Bremer River. This is an especially scenic place at sunrise and sunset. Another scenic walking area is the Denmark Hill Conservation Reserve. This nature area is located in the centre of Ipswich and has a 800 metre walking trail that leads through the forest. This is also a great place for a picnic and sunrise or sunset views.

Logan City

From the Daisy Hill Koala Conservation Area to activities along the Logan River, Logan City is full of charm. This city is a great spot for kayaking, wildlife viewing, live music and history. Logan City is also a large cultural hub with a Buddhist Temple, global food markets and an array of museums.

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