What’s Special about Dolphins?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: September 6, 2019

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The most beloved creature in the ocean is also one of the most unique!


Anyone who’s anyone has heard about the friendliest creatures of the sea; the Dolphins. Being intelligent creatures, dolphins have been able to display unique accomplishments that other marine life could never dream of. Their lovable attitude has made them one of the most fun-loving creatures of the ocean.

About Dolphins

This aquatic mammal is within the tooth whale family which also includes pilot whales and orcas. There is a range of different types of dolphins, but all share the typical grey-blue colour and sleek fins and tail, with the varieties spread out throughout the world’s oceans. They are carnivores, mostly eating smaller fish and squids. Living to up to 20 years old depending on their habitat and health. But undoubtedly, their signature trait that has made them famous is their playful behaviour. They are social creatures, living in 2 to 15 size pods that change throughout their lifespan. Each large group has a subgroup, with 2 to 3 dolphins banding together depending on their sex or age. Participating in hunting, socializing, travelling, and resting, as well as breeding depending on the season.

What makes them so special?

What makes dolphins so special isn’t their ability to swim, hunt, or leap out of the water. No, what makes them so special is their mind; an extraordinarily intelligent mind. They are one of the only animals who display culture, something which was long-believed to be unique only to humans. They are able to use tools, which they teach to their young at an early age. Their forms of communication are truly complex, with a ‘signature whistle’ which allows other individuals to recognise them if they are far away. They are also altruistic animals, meaning that they take the time to help others, even if they aren’t their species. This has led to multiple occurrences where humans have been saved by dolphins from shark attacks or drowning, a dolphin’s natural instinct is to help weak or injured living things.

Where to see the Dolphins?

One of the best places to see the dolphins within Australia is at the famous Moreton Bay. These local dolphins hang out by the shallow shores of the bay, being a regular sighting to both locals and tourists who walk the bay’s borders. Head here when the sunsets and participate in the Moreton Bay dolphin feeding. Where you can stand waist deep in the warm waters as the dolphins brush against you while tucking into their dinner for the night.

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