Dolphins and Sand Dunes at Tangalooma Resort

The stunning resort of Tangalooma is set 75-minutes from Brisbane by catamaran. If you’re looking for a unique adventure that lets you soak up the amazing wildlife and scenery of Australia, it might just be the place for you.

Here, natural encounters are part of the package on this protected and treasured part of Moreton Island. There is so much to see and do, too, from watching wild dolphins come to the shore for feeding time, relaxing on the pristine sandy beaches, and getting stuck into adrenalin-pumping adventures like quad bike tours and desert safaris.

Accommodation at Tangalooma Resort

There is plenty of accommodation to choose from at Tangalooma – and something for everyone. Pick from plush hotel rooms, suites, and villas, to modern apartments and fully-equipped holiday homes. All of the accommodation at the resort is excellently located next to one of Australia’s best beaches.

Wild Dolphin Feeding at Tangalooma

The most unique thing about Tangalooma Resort is the pod of dolphins that swim up to the shoreline every day for feeding time. Visitors can get involved in the feed and learn more about these majestic creatures while they get up close and personal on this once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounter.

Other Things to Do at Tangalooma Resort

But it’s not just dolphin feeds that keep people busy at Tangalooma – there are plenty of other fun activities to get stuck into during your time there. There are a whopping 75 different tours to sign-up for, meaning there’s something for every kind of traveller.

You can explore the beautiful scenery of Moreton Island, learning all about the rich array of flora and fauna as you go.

Alternatively, you can get your adventurous kicks via sand tobogganing (yes, that’s a thing!) on the jutting dunes by the ocean, discover the vibrant underwater world that surrounds the island through snorkelling or scuba diving, or take a quad bike adventure through the lush landscape.

Tangalooma Resort is best-known for its dolphin pod and their feeding time every evening as the sun sets, but it’s also the perfect place to discover a unique side to Australia – one that’s filled with calm oceans, rich marine life, island scenery, and adventure. The best part? You can make your own fun at the resort with the huge selection of activities that give you the chance to explore the resort and beyond in unique and fun ways.

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