Is Moreton Island worth visiting?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: February 21, 2020

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A perfect paradise right outside Brisbane!

Regarded as the gem of South-east Queensland, Moreton Island is not only beautiful but home to a fantastic range of adventures! This natural wonder is the third-largest sand island in the entire world and is nestled just over an hour away from Brisbane. No matter if you are after a wildlife adventure, an adrenaline-pumping trip, or a simple relaxing day away from the city, Moreton Island has you covered!

What you can do Here

  • Sand Board the Dunes

    The massive dunes of Moreton Island are perfect for tobogganing. Climb the top of the giant sand dunes to take in the stunning views of the region, before waxing up your board and launching yourself down these steep dunes. Giving you are an unforgettable adrenaline-inducing rush for your day trip!

  • Snorkel the Tangalooma Wrecks

    Back in the 60s, Moreton Island purposely sunk fifteen junk ships along the shallow shore to create a man-made harbour for boats. After some time, the ships soon rusted and began apart of the reef’s ecosystem-making it one of the most unique snorkelling locations in Australia. Swim around and see the incredible marine wildlife roaming both the ships and coral reef.

  • Feed the Dolphins

    Each evening at Moreton Island’s shallow shores, the local pod of about 10 wild bottlenose dolphins come to visit. An experience organised by the Tangalooma Island Resort, The experience is free if you’re a guest of the resort, otherwise, you’ll need to be part of the Dolphin Feeding package where you catch the late Tangalooma Flyer back to Brisbane.

  • Kayak around the Waters

    Cruise along the stunning sapphire waters of Moreton Island and discover hidden sights unspoilt from crowds or urban development. As you glide along the water you can see an incredible array of marine animals such as colourful fish or rare sea turtles swimming right beside your kayak.

  • Indulge at the Resort

    If you after a simple day away from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane city, Moreton island a great choice! Home to its five-star rated Tangalooma Resort, which offers everything from spa packages, lounge chairs and pools, to even outdoor equipment such as canoes and snorkelling gear.

  • Climb up Mt Tempest

    Looking for a challenge? Moreton Island’s tallest mountain is 286 metres in height, but due to the entire island made completely of sand, the trek up can be difficult. But the breathtaking 360-degree views of the surrounding sea and the Gold Coast beyond can make it all worthwhile.

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