What to do in Brisbane this weekend

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: December 13, 2018

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Work out what you should do during your weekend at the loveable Brissy!

Brisbane is a sunny paradise, famous for being the gateway for the many natural wonders flooding the area. Regardless of if you have travelled here for the rainforests and waterfalls, the city itself is home to an array of unforgettable attractions. Whether you’re a tourist, a long-time local or just stopping through, this list of Brisbane adventures for this weekend is for you.

  • Friday

    • Boundary Street Markets

      For a fantastic Friday night head down to the Night Market of Brisbane. These markets are held every Friday and offer a range of different cuisines from around the globe. Simply stroll past the different stalls as you listen to the local music play, with shops selling sweet and savoury, vegan or meat, and even beer and wine. Visit the arts and craft section, to spot the goodies on offer, ranging from artwork, vintage treasures, and homemade items.

    • South Bank

      If you’re interested in a relaxing night with a stunning scenery, park yourself along the riverside banks of Brisbane River. South Bank is flooded with incredible restaurants, bars, shops, and events this weekend. Enjoy the open-air atmosphere as you tuck into some delicious late-night dinner. If you want to do both a night market and a relaxing dinner, why not visit the Collective Markets located right along the south bank? This market is one of the best held in South Bank and offers a load of local treats, an easy walk from the restaurants.

  • Saturday

    • Tanqueray Terrace

      Enjoy a delicious drink during the hot nights at the pop-up bar Tanqueray terrace. Showcasing four different types of gin, with a variety of different spring-inspired cocktails. The food offered compliments all the cocktails perfectly, with seasonal vegetables and local produce used. Sitting alongside the riverside at Customs House’s terrific outdoor terrace, this bar is ideal for blissed-out breaks with your partner or posse.

    • The Brisbane Wheel

      For 360 views of the entire city, no better place is the Brisbane Wheel. Hop on one of the gondola carriages and glide up to soar 60-metre above the ground. Each gondola holds up to 8 people, so you can spend the ride with a large group of your friends and family. If you are a bit peckish, both food and drinks are also provided when boarding, so you enjoy a delicious sparkling as you view the city’s lights!

  • Sunday

    • Visit Moreton Island for the Day

      Escape the bustling city to a more tranquil region, enjoying a day away in crystal clear waters and lush tropical greenery. Located right off the Queensland coast, it is one of the best day trip adventures out of Brisbane, only taking a couple of hours to reach via car and boat. Visitors can enjoy trekking through the thick rainforest, snorkeling in the shallow coral shores, or even indulge at Tangalooma’s fun facilities. Whether you prefer a relaxing day on the beach or on a massage chair or prefer to experience a adrenaline inducing adventure, Moreton Island is for you!

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