What animals can you see in Brisbane?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: April 12, 2019

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See Brisbane’s most beloved animals both big and small!

What is Australia without its wildlife? Home to a diverse range of unique animals found nowhere else in the entire world. No trip to down under is complete without coming face to face with some most adored creatures on earth. But where can you see them in Brisbane? We know the city for its sun, sea, and skyscrapers, but not as renowned for its wildlife. But don’t despair, because even the concrete jungle of Brisbane is home to Australia’s favourites, guaranteeing you both a city holiday with a side of wildlife to go with it.   

  • Koalas

    Who could forget Australia’s most beloved? The South East of Queensland is jam-packed with these cute little guys, with the area being nicknamed ‘the koala coast.’ Therefore, both in the many wildlife parks or out in the wild, you are sure to come across the grey teddy bear like creatures. You can usually find them hanging out in eucalyptus trees, which act as their lunch and bed. If you’re interested in a closer encounter, visiting sanctuaries such as Lone Pine or Walkabout Creek centre let you feed or even hold a couple of these guys.

  • Cockatoos

    You can easily distinguish these birds from the others, due to their incessant noisy chatter ringing across the city and bushland. Although they might not have the prettiest calls, cockatoos are stunning, with either white or blackbirds spotted with yellow feathers. It’s incredibly easy to find these birds, as they hang out not only in the bushland but within the city. Letting you meet one as they hang out on your hotel’s balcony.

  • Dolphins

    Travel out to Moreton Bay for the day to meet the local dolphins frolicking nearby the shores. Spend the day trekking through lush terrain or snorkelling at the nearby coral reefs. After it hits afternoon, head to the shores of Moreton Bay for the dolphin feeding. The experience lets you stand waist deep in the ocean as these friendly dolphin’s frolic around you, brushing against your legs as you give them their dinner for the night. It is a sustainable program for the local wild animals, as they only give them a small amount of food, so they continue to hunt for themselves the rest of the time.  

  • Platypus

    The platypus is by far Australia’s strangest creature. With a duck-like bill, a body covered in brown fur, and webbed feet, it truly has a unique look. It is the only type of mammal (apart from the echidna) known as a monotreme, which is due to them laying eggs. Their mysterious character enhances even more when you find out they are one of the hardest creatures to see in the wild. However, it isn’t impossible, with Cedar Creek, off Mount Samford Road being a hot spot for the creatures. Otherwise, the city has many wildlife parks that are home to a couple platypus’.

  • Humpback Whales

    The ‘humpback’ title comes from the large hump that forms when the whales arch their backs before making the deep dive into the ocean, making it the main thing humans see when spotting them from ashore. Despite only getting a peek of them over the surface, you will be shocked by whole these majestic creatures dwarf the boats nearby. The best way to get a closer look is with the Tangalooma Whale Watching Cruise, which comes with a professionally guided talk about the creatures.

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