How to get to North Stradbroke Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: February 28, 2019

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Find out how you can easily get to this wonderland for a day adventure out of Brisbane!

Stradbroke Island, also affectionally called ‘Straddie’ by the locals, is nestled off the coast of Brisbane city. It is a natural oasis, full of unforgettable sites, stunning scenery, and a bucket load of activities. From crystal clear waters alive with wildlife both in and out of the water to lush mangrove forests filled with a unique range of native flora. But how exactly do you get to this natural wonderland?

  • Water Taxi

    If you want an easy and private route to the island, the Water taxi is the way to go. There are two companies that operate to and from the island, usually both with the same prices. The taxis pick you up from Toondah Harbour, which is about a 45-minute drive from the city centre. After hopping on the boat will whiz through the water, reaching your destination in less than 25 minutes. It runs throughout the day, except for the gap between 1.55 pm to 3.25 pm.

  • Ferry

    A cheaper way to travel is by ferry, with both Big Red Cat and the Minjerribah companies available. The trip takes a bit longer, around 50 minutes, but you can marvel at the delightful ocean and island views while you cruise along. You are able to wander around the large ferry, hanging outdoors on the balconies or even enjoying a coffee indoors. You can even take your cars on the ferry if you have one, so you can enjoy driving on your own on the island. The ferry is daily and runs every hour, but it’s best to book ahead of time as tickets are cheaper online.

  • Car

    If you’ve brought your car along with you, travelling around the area is pretty easy. There are only two fuel stations on the island, however, so make sure to fill up before arriving. Most road are easy for all cars, but only 4WD can drive along the beach.

  • Bus

    Stradbroke’s buses pick you straight up from the ferry station and take you throughout the island. The times correspond with the ferry and taxi times so you won’t have to wait in the scorching sun for long. The bus tickets require cash however, so make sure you top up before arriving.

  • Tour

    Kick back and relax without the fuss of organising your day while you hop on a tour for the day. Simply get picked up and dropped off from the city centre and get whisked away for a day of fun. Your guide will tell you all the facts and history of the Island while answering any questions you might have. Make sure to bring your camera as these sites are perfect for your next Instagram photo.

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