How many days in Brisbane is enough?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: June 2, 2021

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Brisbane is one of Australia’s tourism gems, a beautiful city that not only has a wealth of super fun activities to enjoy, but that also serves as the gateway to vibrant tropical Queensland.

Brisbane South Bank

Whether you’re hanging around town for a few days or looking to venture out to some of the stunning spots outside of the city, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy in “Brisvegas”!

If you are just looking to see some of Brisbane’s main sites and do a little city exploring, two or three days is more than enough time to enjoy this wonderful town. But if you are looking to head out of town and see some of the awesome attractions in the wider region, a week would be perfect.

So, what are some of the memorable activities you can do in and just outside of Brissy?

  • Eat a like a local

    One of Brisbane’s star attractions has to be its incredible shipping container market, Eat Street Northshore. This giant complex houses over 180 permanent food stalls with cuisines from all over the world, and is a must for anyone looking to enjoy the laid-back vibe of this city while enjoying some delicious food. It’s where Brisbanites come to kick back and have a delicious meal, so you know it must be good.

  • Take in the view whilst pumping adrenaline

    Brisbane is proudly home to some adrenaline-pumping adventures that also allow you to see this fine city in its element. Whether it’s abseiling down the cliffs at Kangaroo Point or kayaking along the Brisbane River at twilight, the views of Brissy are just as amazing from these incredible vantage points!

  • See unique wildlife at Moreton Island

    Moreton Island is a dreamy spot just outside of Brisbane, and perfect for spending a day or two at if you plan to take that week-long Brisbane sojourn. There are an endless variety of activities on Moreton Island, from sand tobogganing to snorkelling shipwrecks, dolphin feeding, whale watching and so much more. If you are looking for the perfect contrast to Brisbane’s hustle and bustle, nothing beats heading out to this pristine island, just over an hour by boat from the city.

  • Get artsy at the Museum of Brisbane

    The Museum of Brisbane proudly hosts works from local artists, with exhibitions detailing the local art and culture of the city. The gift shop is also the perfect place to get your Brissy souvenir, as it sells delightful works from truly talented Brisbanites.

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