Can you do day trips to Moreton Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: August 7, 2021

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Moreton Island is a natural paradise located just off the Brisbane coast.

Moreton Island Day Trip

The island is the ideal spot to do anything from dolphin feeding to whale watching, quad biking, snorkelling, sand tobogganing, lagoon swimming, sunbathing – the list is purely endless!

When it comes to the question of whether you can day trip to the beautiful Moreton Island the answer is yes! Of course, you can take a day trip to this magnificent Pacific outpost.

The only problem with taking a day trip there, however, is that it might simply not be enough time to enjoy all its fun and wonders. There are so many awesome activities awaiting you on Moreton Island that you will most likely find yourself wanting to stay a little longer.

Alas, if you only have a cheeky day up until your sleeve, here are some of the wondrous events that await your arrival on the fabulous Moreton Island.

Quad bike across sandy beaches & dunes

A quad bike tour is one of the best ways to get yourself initiated with this sublime island. Running throughout the year, ATV tours take you across Moreton Island’s giant sand dunes and pristine beaches, allowing you to take in incredible views as you glide across the sand.

Snorkel the magnificent Moreton Island wrecks

Moreton Island is a snorkeller’s paradise, enhanced by the series of shipwrecks dotting the turquoise-blue waters. These wrecks have become a home for plenty of tropical fish, sea turtles and coral, and there are plenty of tour options that take you to the mystifying wrecks.

Hike to the top of Mt Tempest

Hiking to the top of the 285m Mt Tempest isn’t easy, especially when you consider that Moreton Island consists mostly of sand! But a hike to the top of this mountain is well worth it as you will be treated to expansive panoramic views of the surrounding terrain.

This is a hiker, and view lover’s, dream ascent, and is well worth the effort getting to it!

Feed dolphins at sunset

Every night, just as the sun is about to set, a special natural phenomenon takes place: the arrival of a school of dolphins at the Tangalooma Island Resort. This joyous spectacle is made even better by the fact that you can partake in a little dolphin feeding.

It’s a magical way to end your day on Moreton Island!

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