What to expect at Wonderland Festival

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: November 8, 2019

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Wonderland, what is it, where did it come from, and which shows should you go to?

Brisbane is opening its arms to the eclectic, eccentric and intriguing in Wonderland Festivals sixth year. The city’s annual crazy end-of-year carnival is sure to be a hectic seven days of unrivalled fun.

What is Wonderland?

Wonderland is an out-of-this-world celebration of comedy, cabaret, circus, and magic. It captures the attention of the city, giving permission to peep into worlds previously unseen. The festival pops the cork on Brisbane’s summer and breathes a new life into the city across nine nights of sultry spectacles.

The festivals handpicked line up of 30 fearless acts is sure to delight and excite. Plus, with every show held in the iconic Brisbane Powerhouse, it’s easier than ever to pop from one to the other with back to back viewings.

Where did it come from?

Well, no one can really say. In a city with no official Fringe Festival, Wonderland is helping fill a gap, providing artists and queer performers with an opportunity to showcase their work.

Wonderland is a haven for diverse and cutting-edge performances that will tickle you from within.

What should you see?

Wonderland’s 2019 line-up is so jam-packed with incredible shows we’d like to tell you to just see them all, but frankly, we know that’s not realistic, so we’ll narrow it down a bit for you.

  • Adulting: Tash York

    One for all the millennials out there, Adulting is the deeply relatable tale of transitioning into adulthood. If you need help doing your taxes, holding down a job or cooking a meal that doesn’t involve the Maccas drive-thru then get yourself a ticket to this show. Coming off sold-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018 and winning Best Cabaret Fringe at Edge of the World 2019, Tash York is the witty, singing comedian you never knew you needed in your life!

  • Die Hard: The Movie, The Play

    Have you ever wondered what the cult movie Die Hard would look like re-enacted on stage? Neither had we, but we think you should check it out anyway! Filled to the brim with barefoot action, toy guns, and low-tech special effects, John McClane must try and patch things up with his wife amid the chaos oat Nakatomi Plaza. This hilarious spectacle is an event not to be missed.

  • Circus’Cision

    If you want to see the best and only the best circus acts on offer, then go no further than Circus-Cision. Hosted by the incredible Head First Acrobats, Circus’Cision features only acts that made the cut. From mind-bending acrobatics to contortion so unbelievable your bones hurt just watching it, Circus’Cision is well worth a watch.

  • Matt Tarrant: Unsolved

    Be prepared to be amazed as the award-winning Matt Tarrant returns to Brisbane with an all-new show. Featuring world-class, incomprehensible magic, crazy mentalism and fantastic storytelling you’re sure to be fooled, charmed and amazed. After exploding into Australia’s consciousness as a contestant on the 2016 season of Australian Survivor, Matt has sold out shows around the globe, becoming one of the countries most successful magicians.

Still not convinced? No worries, head to the Wonderland Festival website to find the perfect show for you! Wonderland Festival is the explosive start to Brisbane’s summer and should not be missed!

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