What to Do on Moreton Island?

Just off the coast of Brisbane, Moreton Island is the third largest sand island in the world. An extraordinary island jam-packed with aquamarine lakes and lagoons, pristine beaches, enormous sand dunes and incredible wildlife. Perfect for any kind of traveller, including families with young children, senior couples wanting to relax, or even backpackers looking for an adventure.

Here are the Best Things to Do in Moreton Island:

Adrenaline Junkies

Feel the need for speed when you climb up the tallest coastal sand dunes in the world. Grab a board and jump on however you like, feet first, tummy on the floor, or for the bravest ones in the group, surfing down standing up. Reach up to 60km per hour as you whizz down and scream your guts out.

The Fast and the furious

To really see the entire island, why not try out the 4WD tracks on the island. Speed down the beaches on the wet sand and bounce around as you cruise over the rough rocky areas. The Island holds more than 420kms of area suitable for a 4WD adventure.

Snorkel enthusiasts

In the 1960s, 15 ships were deliberately sunk to offer a safer waterfront to smaller boats on the western side of Moreton Island. As the years have past coral and wildlife have moved in and around the boats, resulting in an amazing snorkel spot to adventure to. Dive down to see the tropical fish swimming through the rusty metal poles and windows. A great example of how nature can thrive anywhere.

Wildlife lovers

To get up close and personal with one of the world’s favourite underwater mammal, the Dolphin, visit the Marine Education Centre. Learn about the world of dolphins before heading off on the jetty to view the friendly dolphins’ frolic ashore for their nightly feeding. You can also jump on board the Whale watching cruise see the mighty whales leap above the water during the winter season (June-October.)

Discovery seekers

Explore the island by walking the many trails scattered throughout the island. You can find countless amazing sights on your journey. Trek to the amazing Blue Lagoon, a large freshwater lake great for swimming or bird watching. The water seeps out from underground, causing excellent quality water some locals even drink! For a bit more history, why not visit the first lighthouse built in Queensland? Its vintage red striped sandstone is a beautiful contrast to the blue sea and sky. Visit the artefacts left by the war dispersed around the island. Spot concrete bunkers, shelters and gun batteries are overgrown with moss and sand.

Moreton Island is a great escape from the city, either for a full day trip or a weekend retreat. The pure white sand and deep blue waters will have you relaxing in no time.

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