What is there to do in Brisbane in the morning?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: February 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 mins

Brisbane is Australia’s balmy wonderland, with gorgeous weather, stunning nature and amazing experiences all making this old town one of the best to spend the weekend!

The city is at its coolest in the morning, making it a great time of day to check out some of the experiences that you might have otherwise dodged on a toasty day.

From gardens to museums, sunrise city views and seaside hangouts, here are some of the best things to do in Brisbane before the sun reaches its glistening peak:


The Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art is a local favourite. Why? Because Brisbanians are fiercely proud of this amazing gallery, which houses some incredible permanent exhibitions as well as a rotating roster of seasonal exhibitions.

From the fabulous Australian Art Collection featuring works from the likes of Arthur Boyd, Sydney Nolan and Helen Johnson, through to Judy Watson’s sublime Tow Row signifying memory, loss and hidden histories, there is good reason as to why QAGOMA is such a local favourite (and soon to be one of yours, too!).

Sunrise at Mount Coot-tha

Brisbane is one of those spectacular cities that boasts an awesome sunrise skyline view, with Mount Coot-tha providing expansive vistas across the superb skyline and riverway. There is no better way to see this magical town than in the sunrise from Mount Coot-tha – it is so worth the pre-dawn drive up there as it will give you a perspective of the city you will enjoy in the day ahead!

& whilst you’re there…

Mount Coot-tha may be a miraculous spot to catch a sublime sunrise, but it’s also home to one of Australia’s most enchanting gardens at the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens. With everything from cactus gardens to fern houses and bamboo forests, you can be sure it’s an awesome way to spend the morning after catching that brilliant sunrise…

Streets Beach

Streets Beach is unique as it’s the only beach that can be found within an Australian major city centre. Not only that, it’s a heck-load of fun, with pristine surroundings and uber-refreshing water there to cool you off if things get a little warm in the morning.

The blue lagoon is complete with pristine beaches and the sub-tropical plants provide a vibrant backdrop to your well-earned morning swim!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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