Things to do in South Bank today

Kick back and relax at Brisbane’s sunny south bank. Regardless of whether you are looking for a jam-packed day or a relaxing break, South Bank is full of laid-back vibes, captivating culture, delicious dining, and plenty of fun to be had.

  • South Bank Parklands

    Spanning 17 hectares of riverfront land, South Bank’s Parklands is covered in lush greenery and entertaining activities for the whole family. With endless picnic spots, scenic walking tracks, and a range of subtropical plants. The area is used year-round for public events, so make sure you check the calendar for when you go.

  • Little Stanley Street

    Little Stanley Street is home to some of Brisbane’s best restaurants around. Serving platters of delicious fresh food that go perfectly with the area’s stunning view. Try out the 30 different cafes, bars and restaurants that line this sunny street and take your pick from the array of cuisines choices including Thai, Italian and more.

  • Grey Street

    Similar to Little Stanley street but with less foot traffic, Grey Street promises you plenty of different dinners to choose from. If your wallet is getting a bit light after your fabulous holiday activities, head to South Bank Cineplex, which is renowned for its cheap prices.

  • Swimming Pool

    To cool off from the hot summer sun, take a dip into the South Bank’s stunning freshwater man-made lagoon and beach. The pool is surrounded by smooth white sand and subtropical greenery. It is a central hub for both travellers and locals alike, but being as big as five Olympic swimming pools put together, there is plenty of room for all inhabitants to co-exist happily. Lie on the soft sand, swim to the deep end, or simply people watch as you stroll down the boarded walkway.

  • Epicurious Garden

    If you haven’t had enough of nature during your travels, venture into South Bank’s picturesque Epicurious gardens. Spanning around 1500 square metres of land, the garden is filled with a huge collection of vegetable patches. Letting you understand what fresh food produce looks, feels and smells like! Touch, taste and learn about a range of different foods at this hub of inner-city gardening. Visit from Tuesday to Thursday to enjoy free samples of the fresh produce as you wander through this stunning garden.

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