Is there anything to do in Brisbane?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: March 20, 2021

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Brisbane is the capital city of the Sunshine State of Australia, and yes there is plenty to do when you are visiting this gorgeous city!

Brisbane Viewing from the Sky

Known for its perfect weather, friendly laid-back locals, and entertaining activities galore, Brisbane is a great place to spend a weekend exploring, adventuring, or relaxing.

  • Talk a walk through the CBD and South Bank

    Spend your first day or two wandering around the different areas of Brisbane to get your bearings. The CBD is full of beautiful architecture, unique markets, lovely café’s, delicious restaurants, and some great shopping. Queen Street Mall is the best place to head if you want to enjoy all of those things in one location. You will definitely be able to grab a bargain, enjoy a delicious meal and even grab a special souvenir for your loved ones at home.

    South Bank is home to a remarkably interesting man-made beach right in the middle of the city, you can swim, and relax in the sun before exploring the collection of restaurants and cafes located in South Bank.

  • Admire vulnerable koalas at the Lone Pine Sanctuary

    A visit to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary will not go unwelcomed. It is the largest koala sanctuary in the whole world, and home to many gorgeous koalas that were in need of rehabilitation. As well as a wide range of koalas, the sanctuary also has plenty of other adorable native Australian animals. Including, kangaroos, wallabies, dingoes, wombats, snakes, crocodiles, and so much more!

  • Adventure to the Botanical Gardens and climb Mt. Coot-tha

    For a lovely relaxing sunny day in Brisbane, be sure to check out the Botanical Garden. It is home to an excellent lookout with gorgeous views of the city, as well as a number of themed gardens. Just a short drive from the gardens is the Mt. Coot-tha lookout, where you should head to watch the sunset and admire the magnificent views of Brisbane that surround you.

  • Take a day out of the city and head to one of the gorgeous beaches

    Within a 2-hour drive of the Brisbane CBD, you can be at either North Stradbroke or Moreton Island adventuring and admiring their beauty. These stunning islands are famous for their unbelievable beaches, excellent hiking tracks, and unique marine life. One of the biggest attractions to Moreton Island is the pod of dolphins who call the island home. These adorable creatures wait to be hand fed every morning by guests on the island, and love to play and interact with people!

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