How to Get to Cape Moreton Lighthouse

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: May 30, 2024

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 The iconic red-striped sandstone lighthouse, built in 1857, was the first lighthouse in Queensland!

Located on the northeastern tip of Moreton Island, it, along with the nearby Cape Moreton Information Centre, offers fascinating historical insights and panoramic ocean views. The lighthouse was erected to provide guidance and prevent shipwrecks along the coast.

Directions to Cape Moreton Lighthouse

The lighthouse and Information Centre are just 100 meters up the track from the southern end of the car park. Both Eastern Beach and North Point Beach provide access points. But first, you need to get to Moreton Island itself. Here’s how:

Getting to Moreton Island

  • 4WD Ferry

    Moreton Island’s sandy terrain is best navigated with a 4WD. Daily ferries for 4WD vehicles operate between the Port of Brisbane and Moreton Island.

  • Pedestrian Ferry

     If you don’t have a 4WD, you can take the Tangalooma Resort Passenger Launch, which offers a quick and convenient trip to the island.

  • Private Boat

    If you have your own boat, you can easily sail to this beautiful island at your leisure.

Things To Do at Cape Moreton

Image credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Have a Picnic with a View

Spread your picnic blanket near the lighthouse and enjoy breathtaking ocean vistas. You might spot dolphins, sharks, and turtles swimming by. Between June and November, you can also witness humpback whales breaching during their migration.

Explore the Island’s History

The Cape Moreton Lighthouse, fully automated since 1998, now uses laser beams to project light up to 30 kilometers out to sea. While you can’t enter the lighthouse, you can explore the grounds and visit the grave of a former lighthouse assistant. The lighthouse switched to solar power in 1997. The Cape Moreton Information Centre, once an assistant lighthouse keeper’s residence, offers exhibits on the island’s natural and cultural history, lighthouse relics, and interactive displays.

Walk the Cape Moreton Track

Image credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Take a walk around the Cape Moreton track, which encircles the heritage-listed lighthouse and historical buildings. The one-hour walk provides ample opportunity to appreciate the scenery and spot local wildlife.

For more adventures on the island, check out “Our Favourite Things to Do on Moreton Island.

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