How much does it cost to go to Moreton Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: March 5, 2022

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Moreton Island is an adventure-fuelled island paradise located just off the Brisbane coast. From its giant sand dunes to its world class diving, abundant wildlife and delicious seafood, Moreton Island possesses everything necessary to have an awesome island adventure!

Daily return ferries leave from the Holt Street Wharf and cost as follows:

Adults: $99

Children: $55

Infants (Age 0 – 2): $0

Jump on early and leave late – you’ve got a lot of fun to be had on this marvellous island, including these unforgettable experiences:

Sand tobogganing

Moreton Island is a giant island actually made of sand. Naturally, this means there are going to be some pretty impressive dunes poking about. What’s more, these impressively-statured sand dunes are perfect for a spot of sand tobogganing on boards that take you down the slopes at an awesome 60km/h.

One of Moreton Island’s favourite activities, this is the perfect way to get acquainted with this huge sandy mass, and one of the most adrenaline-fuelled activities on the entire east coast!

Dolphin feeding

Moreton Island is home to a cheeky resident dolphin population who know exactly where to go when they want something scrumptious to eat – the Tangalooma Resort!

Now, dolphin feeding is accessible to Tangalooma guests or those who purchase the package when they book the ferry, so if you’re not staying at the resort be sure to get on that package before heading over.

Either way, you’re in for a joyous experience feeding some of the ocean’s most charismatic creatures!

Diving the Moreton Island Wrecks

The waters off Moreton Island are home to 15 ships that in 1963 were deliberately sunk to create a break wall for other vessels. Thankfully, this has created a pretty remarkable diving spot, with divers and snorkellers alike submerging themselves to swim around the now-grown coral, the tropical fish and perhaps even a few sea turtles!

Whale watching

If you happen to be heading to Moreton Island in the months between the months of June and October you should not skip out on the opportunity to climb aboard a fantastic whale watching cruise, even if it is the only reason you catch the ferry across!

This is the time of year when a massive humpback whale migration moseys on up the east coast of Australia, so naturally an island outpost is one of the ultimate places to go spotting these gentle sea giants.

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