7 Things to Do on Brisbane’s South Bank

Set on the pretty southern banks of the Brisbane River, the South Bank is one of the city’s premier cultural hotspots, boasting tonnes of great restaurants, bars, shops, and events.

Here, the Parklands provide the perfect place to relax, promising visitors an eclectic mix of rainforest, grassland, and plazas, as well as a number of great attractions to explore while in the area. South Bank and its parklands regularly play host to large city festivals, with around 11 million people visiting the region every single year.

What to See and Do in South Bank

1. The Arbour

Formed of 433 impressive steel columns covered in colourful bougainvillea, the Arbour is a pedestrianised walkway that connects up Vulture Street and the Cultural Forecourt.

2. Courier Mail Piazza

The Parklands has plenty of piazzas for visitors to enjoy, and the Courier Mail Piazza is one of the more popular. Boasting an open-air amphitheatre, it is regularly the spot for community events. When it is not being used for a festival, you can watch sporting events or the news on big screens that are suspended around it.

3. Wheel of Brisbane

Discover the city of Brisbane from a different perspective on the Wheel of Brisbane, a 60 metre Ferris wheel that was put in place to celebrate the 20th anniversary of World Expo 88. While in the air, you can enjoy seriously stunning views of the surrounding area on the 15-minute ride.

4. Markets

There are a number of markets held throughout South Bank including the Young Designers Market, which takes place on the first Sunday of each month. During this event, local creatives display their wares such as cutting edge garments and intricate accessories.

5. Nepal Peace Pagoda

Originally found on the old Expo site, the Nepal Peace Pagoda was moved to the South Bank Parklands. It features traditional architecture and a meditation area that makes it a popular attraction in the area.

6. Restaurants and Cafes

The South Bank boasts many local and international restaurants, featuring food from all over the world. It’s one of the premier dining spots in the city and includes tasty gems like Café San Marco, Gandhi Curry House, Wang Dynasty, Chez Laila, and The Plough Inn. If you want to try some seafood, head to the South Bank Surf Club where celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue has created a menu filled with delicious fresh fish.

7. Streets Beach

One major feature of the Parklands is Streets Beach, a manmade stretch of sand that acts as a picturesque backdrop for all sorts of fun activities. Kick back and relax with a book, try one of the surrounding cafes, or enjoy the lagoon.

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