The Top 3 Things to Do at Cylinder Beach

Sitting between Cylinder and Home Beach Headlands near the bustle of Brisbane, Cylinder Beach offers a slice of Australian paradise renowned for its excellent swimming conditions and its surfing prowess.

The beach is wide and long, offering the perfect backdrop for a family day out. There’s also a carpark located just a few metres from the beach, making it easily accessible to all travellers.

When it comes to the waves, expect small waves and calm waters that are ideal for sunbathing and swimming in during good weather conditions.

The Top 3 Things to Do at Cylinder Beach

There are plenty of things to do on Cylinder Beach, just like any other beach in and around Brisbane. So, if you find yourself in the area, plan to spend a day or so relaxing on the pretty sands and taking in the views.

Take a Swim

Though the waves are small, there can often be a strong westerly drift. However, the beach is well patrolled by lifeguards and, during better weather conditions, is the ideal place to take the family for a refreshing swim. Not only can you bask in the warm, shallow waters, you can also look out at incredible views of the ocean and beyond.

Try Your Hand at Surfing

Cylinder Beach is renowned for its excellent surfing opportunities. Waves can often reach 10 foot, and there are plenty of large swells that hit the sand bars in just the right way. Keen surfers can regularly be found on the beach throwing shapes in the waves, while beginners can try their hand at the sport without worrying about the shallow water being too dangerous.

Go Fishing

Alongside surfing and swimming, you can also fish at Cylinder Beach. Often, holes and gutters form under the waves, bringing in a range of different fish species to catch, but the popularity of surfing and swimming on-site means that you might be better placed fishing elsewhere.

Cylinder Beach is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane. Its languishing sands and calm waters make it ideal for a fun family day out where there’s a little something for everyone – whether you want to try your hand at surfing at one of the Stradbroke Island‘s most popular surf beaches, take a swim in the beautiful waters, or simply kick back and relax against a stunning backdrop, the surroundings of Cylinder Beach have you covered.

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