What to do at Moreton Bay

Nestled right on Brisbane’s doorstep, Moreton Bay lies offshore to the east coast of Queensland, stretching 125km from Caloundra, all the way down to the Gold Coast Seaway. It is renowned for its biodiversity and ecological significance, with a total of 360 different islands spread out in the bay. However, only a few of these islands are listed as popular tourist attractions, with the most popular being Moreton Island, North Stradbroke Island, as well as Bribie island.

Dolphin Interaction

Meet the locals of Moreton Bay as you join in on the dolphin feeding held every day! Here you can get up close and personal with one of the world’s most beloved marine mammals. Simply head to the shallow shores of Moreton Island and wait until the pod of dolphins heard nearby after sunset. Stand waist deep in the water and throw out fish after fish as these friendly creatures’ brush against your leg. The dolphin feeding is a sustainable program for these wild animals, as the staff only give a small amount of food to ensure these continue to hunt for during the day.

Jet Boat Tour

See the surrounds and epic speeds, as you enjoy this 45-minute boat ride adventure. The boat doesn’t just cruise along, but rapidity switches up to rollercoaster speeds. As well as doing 360- degree tricks and sharp manoeuvres causing an adrenaline rush to sure to get a smile on your face.

Wreck Snorkelling/Scuba Dive Tour

To see the sights hidden underwater, try out one of the many snorkelling adventures available! One of the best snorkelling spots is right off the shore of Moreton Island. Back in the 1960s, the government deliberately sunk 15 along the coast to provide a safe waterfront for small boats. However, over the year’s nature has taken over these rusting ships, with coral growing on top of the metal, and small fish using it as a safe zone from larger predators. Dive or snorkel below depending on your interested and see where nature vs. man at its best, with over a hundred species of fish and other beloved creatures such as dolphins, turtles and dugongs.

Whale Watching

Despite this only happening from June to October, the migrating Whales is defiantly worth moving your dates around for. Over 18,000 humpback whales migrating over 10,000 kilometres from Antarctica up to the Great Barrier Reef for the breeding season. The whales make a pit stop at Moreton Bay, hanging out in the warm waters before setting off again on their long journey. You can spot these peaceful creatures from shore or join a whale spotting cruise to see them up close on the Humpback highway.

Pelican feeding

As you may have guessed it, animals are a main source of entertainment in Moreton Bay. After seeing dolphins, whales, and a countless amount of fish, you may be getting sick of nature. If not, Pelicans should be your next adventure, with the morning Pelican feeds a great activity for the whole family. These birds are eminent for their massive bills that hang down with a stretchy throat pouch. These bills are perfect fish catchers, able to hold up to 13 litres of water in their pouches at once. The birds use this to their advantage, instead of aiming perfectly for that swimming fish. They instead grab a large bunch the fish’s surrounds, taking both the fish and the water that surrounds. The bill lets them slowly filter the water, leaving behind just the fish to gobble up.

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