Best Cafes in Brisbane

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: June 2, 2020

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Get the perfect dining experience for some great food, views, and atmosphere!

Australia is one of the top contesters for cafes in the world, with every city including Brisbane laying out a stack of incredible coffee spots. Brisbane’s sunny atmosphere goes perfectly with these open-air cafes, with delicious colourful breakfasts and freshly roasted coffee. We’ve made it a bit easier for you to choose your café to visit when exploring Brisbane, listing out top favourite picks!

  • John Mills Himself

    Nestled in Brisbane’s CBD, this heritage listed building is also a bustling café spot! Exposed brick and highset windows give the café an open but funky vibe, with plenty of sunlight and greenery bursting around the tables. The café blends the building history into its menu, with traditional styled meals with a twist of modern chic!

  • Devon

    Devon was first created in Sydney, skyrocketing to the top of the café list and known for helping the country’s ‘breakfast restaurant’ movement. Due to its popularity, it expanded to Brisbane, setting up shop in the stunning waterside region of Garden City. The café is stylish and perfect for those wanting to get spoilt with fresh croissants, eggs with caviar, and delicious slowly roasted coffee. The café is especially famous for their Breakfast with the Sakumas cusine, which is well worth the risk.

  • Paradise Cafe

    The name of this café suits it perfectly, with the restaurant setting just as beautiful as its food! Decorated with vintage knick-knacks, the café has a laidback feel that welcomes anyone whether they are after a quick takeaway drink or hours slowly nibbling and sipping away on goodies! The spot isn’t just for breakfast, which a pizza oven in the corner perfect for a delicious traditional style pizza lunch!

  • Smoked Garage

    The Smoked Garage is great for those wanting an alternative to the Instagram trending spots. It is all about motorbikes and coffee, bringing a sexy style to the grungy warehouse setting. You don’t have to be a motorbike enthusiast to enjoy this café spot, with the exposed brick, leather armchairs, and displayed motorbikes perfect for a completely unique breakfast experience!

  • Coffee Supreme

    If you are picky about your coffee, this café is perfect for you! The menu is simple and streamlined to cater for those not looking for fancy but delicious cuisines. However, they do mix up the regular foods with stylish alternatives such as cracked butter on their banana and cinnamon-sugar toast. All the breakie options go perfectly with the coffee, which is the cafes true passion, with espressos, batch brews and cold filters frequently ordered by locals!

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